Friday 30 May 2014

Holy Trinity of Doomed Strategies

As the dust settles on UKIP's dramatic European Elections win, we are now being treated to the unsightly spectacle of politicians trying to quell the threat posed by Nigel's Peoples Army. We at The Purple Revolt have looked at the three main strategies being used to combat the purple surge, and how they are all doomed to failure. It has become quite evident that the most effective UKIP recruiting officers seems to be representatives from other parties. Watch any politics show you wish, and you will see politicians handling the UKIP issue like someone wearing boxing gloves trying to handle a slippery bar of soap. The truth is, they can take one of three paths, all of which are as impotent as the next.

Firstly, we have the well trodden "protest vote" path. By diminishing the UKIP vote as a protest, politicians are insulting the five-million people who voted for the party, as well as hardening their resolve to vote for them again. By writing off UKIP's election win as a "protest" the message given out is that the political elite have still not got the message. In patting the voter on the head and dismissing their vote as just a two fingers to the establishment, people will become even more determined to stick with the party at the General Election next year. Much of the establishment find it difficult to believe, and we are not sure why, that people might just be voting for UKIP on policy. There are large swathes of this country who are sick of pointless EU laws, are unhappy with the effects of mass immigration and want a return to nation state democracy and self government.

Secondly, there is the Conservative Party strategy. This involves nauseating levels of patronisation and incredible levels of arrogance. Judging by those attributes, it is perhaps no surprise that it is the Conservatives who are employing this particular method. By saying, as they often do: "UKIP can't give you a say on Europe, so in 2015 please step back in line like good little voters" they are only making voting UKIP more attractive. To put it one way, it's the equivalent of a teacher telling off a naughty schoolboy for writing crude messages in the back of a textbook. Next lesson, the words "Cameron is a tosser" are twice as likely to be scribbled down in biro. The irony of a party who finished well behind UKIP last week arguing that UKIP are too small to give answers on Europe is not lost on us, and it won't be lost on the voter.

The third and final route which many have gone down is to try and appease the UKIP voters. Politicians put on their best fake concern face and their most patronising tone and re-assure you that they are listening to concerns very closely. In recent days we have seen Ed Miliband address a select few hand picked members of the public, assuring them that contrary to Labour's past beliefs, it is in fact not racist to talk about immigration. Not only that, but he has gone on to admit that mass immigration has caused some difficulties and his party understands these concerns. This approach is equally doomed, as anyone with the most basic grasp of politics knows they cannot, or more accurately will not, act. By admitting some of the perils of mass immigration, but then refusing to even offer a referendum on EU membership, Miliband has backed himself into a corner. The gross output of this strategy is to vindicate UKIP's position, but then admit they do not want to do anything about it.

So there we have it. The holy trinity of doomed strategies employed to counter the UKIP threat which are all about as effective as each other. Thank you very much for reading, feel free to comment, share or sign up to our mailing list.

Thursday 22 May 2014

A very warm welcome...

Welcome fellow internet traveller. Come on in, warm your feet by the fire and help yourself to a beverage of your choice. This is The Purple Revolt, an independent UKIP leaning blog. You may have also come across us on Twitter, we like to think of ourselves as omnipotent, like Eric Pickles' waist or the Snickers advert which has been doing the rounds since Disraeli's time (No Dan, I don't want a Snickers, nor do I turn into a diva when I'm hungry). Rest your weary mouse-hand, hang your keyboard up by the door and pull up a chair. Allow us to explain why you should spend your precious internet time with us, rather than with those people who wrongly believe that others are as bothered about their cat as they are. Oh, and don't mind the dog he only bites lefties.

The inspiration for this page came in the run up to the European and Local Elections. The levels of vitriol thrown at anyone connected to UKIP by the media was astonishing. Some barmy comments by a random candidate were being held up to represent the views of the party. Electorally speaking, it wasn't an effective strategy as poll ratings remained unmoved, however it would be na├»ve to think a full blown attack by the whole establishment would have no effect. As it happens, these attacks seemed to impact profoundly on those who aren't greatly politically involved, but have a passing interest. Test it out. Go on Twitter and search the words "UKIP" and "racist." The amount of people (invariably aged between 16 - 25 who have no real interest in politics) who are grossly misinformed about what UKIP are actually about is astonishing. So at the very least, The Purple Revolt will provide an effective hyperlink when combatting intense levels of ignorance.

Another reason for The Purple Revolt's existence is to analyse topical issues of the day through our own purple and yellow lens. A lot of the drink-fuelled ranting which will undoubtedly fill up these pages as time passes by will not be connected to UKIP. We hope of course that some of our musings will reflect the opinions of Nigel's People's Army (catchy slogan Nigel, but it still sounds all a bit communist to me) and provide plenty of opportunities for discussion. Those looking for a sycophantic adoration of the party will be left disappointed however, as self-deprecation and internal criticism are inevitable. Think of our relationship with UKIP like English football fans with the England national team. We moan: "who on Earth would choose Rooney to go on Question Time?" we whinge :"a tacky pound sign in a circle, I prefer Wales' logo, they've got a dragon" but when all is said and done, we bleed purple blood. To put it in the immortal words of Jamie from The Thick of It, if we come across and dodgy Unite Against Fascism types, they'll get a "pool cue up the arse" in defence of our beliefs.  So a lot of what you read here will not be remotely connected to UKIP, or even on the same message as them, though as UKIP are the only party in town, our personal views will likely reflect a lot of those shared by the party and its supporters.

So there we have it. The Purple Revolt hopes to represent the ideas, values and beliefs of like minded people about an array of issues, as well as talk about the latest topics affecting the United Kingdom Independence Party. We hope to provide plenty of thought-provoking, interesting and occasionally amusing pieces. Don't get me wrong, we all know the three main parties are like three bald men fighting over comb, but constant articles which follow the pattern of "never vote for LibLabCon" would get very boring - very quickly.

So please, set up a tab, stay a little longer and see what The Purple Revolt has to say about things which matter to you.